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MyCVSHR is the employee website for the popular healthcare store. CVS Health is one of the biggest pharmaceutical chains in the USA. They have stores spread across all the cities. Managing healthcare needs for millions of patients isn’t easy. It requires a lot of human labor to keep everything functioning. It is the largest employer in the pharma sector.

MyCVSHR Health

You can see their stores all around your city. These offer emergency and general medication to millions of Americans. In this guide, we are going to be covering details about the MyCVSHR website. All employees can learn more about their backend here.

What is MyCVSHR?

There are tons of employees who don’t know about MyCVSHR. It is the website portal that keeps track of all the HR data. You can access personal information about your job from here. Anyone who is an active or former employee can utilize this website. It can help you with the necessary information like payments, salary, working hours, and recent tasks. As a full-time employee, there can be lots of functions in your hand. The online service makes your job simple.



It is significant for time management. Many CVS employees utilize it to increase productivity. 

Login Steps For MyCVSHR Existing Employees:

We all want to know how to use the website. In this section, we are going to show you how to do that. Here are the steps to log in to MyCVSHR. Follow these to increase your working potential.

  • As an employee, you can access the website anytime. You have to enter the following link – or click here. It will take you to the login page. Here you have two different options. Employees can log in using their user ID and Password. Old employees can also check their payment status on the site.
    MyCVSHR Login page
  • CVS enables its employees to log in on the website. Existing employees have to click on the Log On button. It will take you to the enterprise login page. You have to enter the username and password. You can click here. It will take you directly to the page.
    cvs health enterprise login form

Voila! Once you enter this data, the website will load. Here you can check out your personal information. The employees also have the option to correct their data. The website is a great way to keep track of your work. Managers can also benefit heavily by using this site.

Login Steps For MyCVSHR Old Employees:

People who were once active employees of this organization can also access the site. Here are the steps to start using the website.

  • You can visit the website by clicking here. It will take you to the login page.
    visit myhr
  • The old employees can log in directly from this link. You have to enter the User ID and Password. Click on the Login button to access your data.

Amazing! Now you can keep track of your pay stubs easily. It is sufficient for your personal use.

Register for MyCVSHR:

New employees have to register themselves on the website. It is crucial so that you can access the different features. Here are the steps you have to follow.

  • You have to start by visiting the official MyCVSHR website link. You can click here. You can see the different login options. As a new employee, you have to click on the “New User?” button. It will take you to the signup page.
  • The final step is to register yourself with MyCVSHR. You have to enter your identification numbers. It includes sensitive data like your Social Security Number and Date of Birth. Once you enter this data, the website will help you to create an account. Create a username and password for MyCVSHR.
    register for cvs health

Congratulations! It is now easy for you to utilize all the features of the website.

Benefits of using MyCVHR:

There are lots of advantages when you are using MyCVSHR service. In this section, we will take a look at them. As an active or old employee, you can see quick changes. We recommend that you pay attention to the steps. Here are the top benefits of using the MyCVSHR website.

1. Access employee discounts

Employees of CVS can receive discounts for their medical expenses. You can get coupons for your purchase from the ID. Users have to log in and check their exclusive offers. These are a great help for people with medical needs. You can also use them for cheap medications. Everyone wants to reduce their expenses. These discounts can be a great help for your regular use.

2. Employee data

Your personal information is highly valuable. As an employee, you can be sure that your data is safe with MyCVSHR. There are tons of helpful tabs on the website. Users can edit their data according to their needs.

It also provides you with the necessary information. It includes work-related data like allowances and salary. You can also keep track of travel checks and pay stubs. CVS is also known to give their old employees gratuity for services.

3. Assistance

MyCVSHR can be tremendously helpful in many unique ways. The site helps employees with adoption and education assistance. Some of the employees might find this feature to be beneficial. You also get to check your attendance and tasks. The information can be crucial in deciding your pay. It is better to keep track of the data yourself. The platform also helps users with Income Tax, insurance plans, and healthcare services. These keep everything you need in check.

These were some of the essential advantages you get by using MyCVSHR services. We hope now you can utilize the full potential of the site. As a full-time employee, there are lots of benefits to this portal. Try it out today to get complete coverage.

MyCVSHR Not working?

There can be multiple reasons why the website is not working. You can face this problem at any time of the day. The platform is continuously receiving updates. It can be not very pleasant if your tasks are not getting complete. The site can give you issues because of scheduled maintenance. The only option in such a case is to wait for the website to get back. It can take hours for care to happen. We recommend that you try it out the next day. The chances of MyCVSHR working will increase drastically. You can see quick results through this option.


MyCVSHR is the official employees’ website for CVS Healthcare. Many people work in this industry. Through this guide, we aimed at answering all of your doubts. We hope this helps you to utilize the service and get updates.